who is panaji’s cruel stalker, sex bribe taker?

A harmless obc bhandari single woman engineer, Paypal account holder, domain investor finds that in panaji, goa a ruthless cruel animal like official is stalking mercilessly and attacking her to cause great pain, headache memory loss, insomnia for more than 3 years, almost daily .
It is obvious that the cruel animal like official is being bribed by some corporate, allegedly google, tata to stalk the harmless single woman engineer and attack her with the most sophisticated weapons available wasting indian tax payer money to cause great pain, memory loss and to cripple her.
Some of the suspects in the daily crime are:
J srinivasan
Slim goan OBc slut sex briber giver sunaina’s relative and pimp pritesh/lover/relative
Gsb fraud housewife riddhi’s husband/relative \
Gsb fraud slut diploma holder siddhi mandrekar’s relative/lover
shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar’s relative/friend
asmita patel’s associate
housewife veena’s associate
blackmailer mba hr ruchika’s associate

Help needed to urgently trace the name of one or more officials in panaji, goa who are involved in the daily human rights abuses, torture of the harmless obc engineer causing great pain. Person providing any kind of information will be rewarded for their effort, please send details to info@webconcepts.in .

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