How daily torture affected shopping plans

The cruel animal like indian intelligence and security agency officials are quick to defame a person as a security threat if they do not spend enough money. However these cruel selfish animal like officials do not realize how their daily human rights abuses on a harmless civilian are adversely affecting the shopping plans.
To plan the shopping the domain investor and Paypal account holder has to be pain free and remember what all will be required. However in most cases, after a cruel fraud official has attacked her, the engineer is too disoriented, in great pain and with a headache to be productive or plan anything. For more than 50% of her stay in Goa in the last few years, the harmless single woman engineer has been ruthlessly attacked to cause great pain,

The damaged brain cells are affecting the memory of the harmless engineer, and domain investor, so she does not remember what to purchase, The officials who are using memory reading equipment usually can anticipate what she wanted to purchase, and ensure that there will be a crowd at the shop so that she will be forced to wait and they can attack her with directed energy weapons to cause severe headache.

Realizing that a torture induced headache will leave her crippled and cause more damage, the engineer will postpone the shopping to another day, when the shop will be less crowded to prevent being attacked . So before powerful officials in goa complain that the engineer does not spend money locally, these officials should stop their human rights abuses on the harmless civilian to cause her great pain.
They should realize that a person in great pain, crippled almost daily cannot be expected to shop normally like a healthy person.

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