More shops closing in panaji, goa

In an indication of how difficult it is to do business in panaji, goa due to the misplaced priorities of the top intelligence agency officials, another shopkeeper confirmed that he was closing down his business in a month at the end of November 2015. This is the third shop closure that was observed in a small area in Panaji. These shops had been operational for at least 3 or 4 years.

The local intelligence agency officials are very powerful and in panaji, however, they are extremely selfish thinking only of themselves, their friends and relatives, and are least interested in the welfare of the city where they have so many powers. They have no qualms faking the resume of their mediocre lazy greedy friends and relatives to justify giving these inexperienced frauds great powers

In other places, the local intelligence agency officials are far more reasonable, they acknowledge that the person who will be taking the risk of starting a business needs the freedom to operate the business as he or she will want to. Most educated people in India do not take the risk of starting their business, leaving their job, and those who do so should be admired, not blackmailed.

However in Goa, the local intelligence and security agency officials are extremely selfish, and will not allow a small business owner even the freedom to make phone calls, smses, correspond freely if they do not get a stake in the business. Instead they waste Indian tax payer money to stalk small business owners and attack them daily causing great pain. With conditions so hostile, how can businesses in Panaji, Goa flourish

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