Offer to send 40,000 emails daily

Dear Clients

We are offering upto 40K emails daily from our email marketing servers.

Our expert team of email marketing professionals will send approx 40K emails daily on your behalf to your targetted list of Audiences.

We will send emails on your behalf daily upto 40K every single day except saturday and sunday.

We will provide you your daily open report, bounce report, un-subscribe report and leads reports.

You will only have to provide us-

1. Your clients or audiences data.
2. Your Mailers in any format, written text or html mailer.
3. Your reply email where you want to receive your leads and clients feedback or this could also be any of your landing page.

We guarantee or assure you a monthly mailing commitment of 880000 emails for 22 working days in a month.

We will charge approx 150 USD for the same.

We will handle everything on your behalf within this cost.

Anyone Interested may please contact us at or call us at +91-9599007617,+91-9599007619, +91-8800302311

You can also skype us at uboxapp or email us at All Payments via paypal or Indian Bank Transfers only.

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