Women professionals, business owners find it difficult to get customers

Compared to men, women professionals and business owners find it relatively more difficult to get customers because they are not well networked and women have less spending power because the employment rate for women remains low. The lack of customers is not related to the competence levels, they find it difficult to advertise their services, get leads and orders.
Most men do not think twice before using unethical methods to do well, exploiting women in the process, while educated women think twice before behaving dishonestly. In general men will help, protect and promote dishonest mediocre lazy women who will be their puppets, so that honest competent women do not do well. A law intern at a lawyers office was saying that in college, the number of male and female students will be almost the same, yet after a few years, men do far better in their career, while women do not do so well.

Similar relatively young female dentists have very few clients, while male dentists have far more customers. The powerful officials will falsely claim that their inexperienced lazy greedy friends and relatives have the resume of their experienced brilliant classmate to deny experienced women professionals the opportunities they deserve, and make it more difficult for other women professionals to do well as they have no mentor.

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