Fake black money allegations against business owners in Goa

It has become extremely difficult to run an online business in goa, because the shameless dishonest fraud intelligence and security agency officials, allegedly are making COMPLETELY FAKE ALLEGATIONS OF black money without any proof at all against a harmless small online business owner, domain investor, so that they can exploit the business owner to the maximum extent possible.

From 2010 to 2016 till date, these fraud shameless intelligence, security agency officials have ruthlessly defamed, cheated, exploited, tortured the harmless innocent small business owner to steal her retirement savings without a court order, her resume to get lucrative CBI/R&AW/intelligence agency jobs for 8-10 fraud friends and relatives of these officials, divert and steal her correspondence, wasting a huge amount of tax payer money in the process.

The shameless fraud R&AW, CBI, NTRO, tata,google officials having regular FREE SEX with goan obc bhandari SEX specialist R&AW employee slim bsc sunaina in goa,like to make FAKE black money allegations WITHOUT PROOF against the real domain investor, paypal account holder so that the lazy goan SEX specialist sunaina and other goan frauds like goan gsb cheater cbi employee housewife riddhi nayak, diploma holder fraud R&AW employee siddhi mandrekar can get a government salary, powers for CHEATING, LIES, SEX BRIBES.

An open challenge to the shameless fraud sex bribe taking intelligence, security, tata, google officials in goa to provide proof of black money, if these fraud officials have any proof at all of black money, why can they not send a notice to the domain investor? For more than 6 years these shameless fraud government officials on the payroll of google, tata have made fake allegations against the business owner, why are they finding it so difficult to find any proof?

When will these shameless fraud ntro, raw, cbi, security agency officials especially in panaji, goa stop repeating fake black money allegations like parrots or recorded robots against the harmless domain investor, engineer when they do not have any proof at all.

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