ICE9 technology for binary options trading

Trading in binary options can be extremely lucrative, however it is also time consuming as analysis of a lot of data has to be carried out. Hence firms are developing software for binary option trading to automate the process and ice9 technology is one of the latest binary option trading technology being advertised extensively as being developed to maximize profits of the binary options trader. The ice9 technology collects detailed information from stock market and other financial markets, and using algorithms developed, the data is analyzed after considering both technical and other fundamental factors. The robots developed then implement signals available after analysis automatically. The developers of the ice9 technology are claiming that the technology has an accuracy of 86 %. At present the ice9 technology is offered to beta testers without any fee as the developers try to promote the system and eliminate any glitches.

However binary options traders interested in trying out the technology would like know if there is any ice9 technology scam before investing their money. Though the promotional videos and other information has profiles of the CEO of the firm and key members who have developed the technology, no social media or professional profiles are available. Though developers are claiming over eighty six percent accuracy, there is no statistical information being provided to validate the claim. There is no accurate information being provided about the initial deposit required to make the promised profit of 8700 USD. The developers are also claiming that their product has been featured in major media outlets like Forbes and Business Insider, however no information is available on these websites, when an online search of these websites was conducted. So before investing time and money in ice9 technology , it is advisable for every binary options trader to check each ice9 technology review available and then take a decision.

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