A large number of people duped by dishonest google, tata officials who are chronic liars

Allegedly a large number of people especially in goa are duped by the mentally unsound google, tata officials who are chronic liars, shamelessly making fake claims that their goan sex partners, cheater housewives, and other frauds, who do no work and do not invest money online , are online experts, Paypal account holders to give these frauds great powers, lucrative intelligence jobs with monthly salary of at least $300 each.
None of these mediocre lazy greedy fraud women are least interested in doing any work online, yet google,tata officials are some of the greatest conmen in goa and very convincing liars, so everyone will believe their complete lies .
It is time that complete fraud is exposed, so that no more tax payer money will be wasted on goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds faking their resume, investment.
The small business owner has to waste a lot of time and energy fighting the slander of officials of large companies who are devoid of honesty, morals and humanity, as it is adversely affecting the reputation of the business owner.

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