Google, tata continue to reward gujju SCHOOL DROPOUT housewife naina chandan, her sons nikhil, karan in their BANKING FRAUD

It is extremely difficult to do business in goa because of the goan government policy of rewarding section 420 frauds and liars like Panaji Gujju SCHOOL DROPOUT cbi employee housewife naina chandan who looks like actresss sneha wagh and her LAZY LIAR fraud sons,nikhil karan, paying MASSIVE BRIBES to get montly government salary, falsely claiming to own the paypal, bank account of a single woman engineer who they hate

The section 420 fraud panaji gujju family do not want to open their own paypal, bank account legally and provide any services or products , instead these shameless gujju LIARS and FRAUDS are falsely claiming to own the paypal, bank account of a hardworking single woman engineer who the fraud family is criminally defaming, circulating photoshopped videos and photos

The gujju fraud family of gujju school dropout housewife naina chandan is paying MASSIVE BRIBES to the top security and intelligence employees in panaji, goa so that their BANKING FRAUD for the last 6 years is not exposed

The sundar pichai led google, tata are supporting the kolhapur born panaji gujju SCHOOL DROPOUT naina chandan and her fraud family in their BANKING FRAUD

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