LIAR Gujju officials extremely aggressive and shameless in their online business ownership fraud

People should be aware that top gujju officials parmar, parekh, patel, nikhil sha are extremely shameless and aggressive in their online business ownership fraud. These fraud liar gujju officials are aware that the gujju fraud women asmita patel, school dropout naina chandan, and her sons nikhil, karan, do not pay any money for the domain names, and do not have any online income, paypal account and linked bank account
Yet these powerful officials are shameless SECTION 420 FRAUDS LIARS making fake claim about business, bank account ownership duping a large number of people, companies and countries with their fraud, while criminally defaming the real busines owner
It is an indication of the widespread rot in india and goan society, government that no one questions the gujju fraud officials on their banking fraud, why they are falsely claiming that their sex service providers, sons who are not doing computer work, own the online business of a single woman engineer

domain registrars, registries and ICANN should be aware that though the gujju officials parmar, parekh, nikhil sha are extremely powerful, they are extremely shameless pathological LIARS AND FRAUDS, criminally defaming honest hardworking domain investors and making fake claims about domain ownership

Unlike western countries where LIARS are jailed, telling lies is socially acceptable in India and LIARS are high status, especially in goa

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