Expose Government employees with fake resumes

Though Google falsely claims to be an ethical company, it is an extremely unethical company involved in endless impersonation frauds, especially of competitors like link sellers and online experts, to ensure that it retains its monopoly on search.
In countries like India, where corruption and nepotism levels are high, google has maintained more than 95% of the market share by bribing the ruthless shameless fraud ntro, raw, cbi and other government officials to steal the resume of brilliant experienced online experts, link sellers for their lazy greedy inexperienced fraud friends and relatives, to get all these frauds lucrative government jobs with fake resumes

Not only will the online expert, link seller be denied the opportunities and information he or she deserved, the 8-9 google sponsored fraud government employees with fake resumes, their relatives, friends, associates and lovers will defame, cheat, exploit and torture the link seller for the rest of his or her life, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money to ensure that google will retain the monopoly and continue to make billion dollar profits. In the last decade many of the largest internet companies websites like myspace, orkut have closed, yet google has flourished, because it has manipulated the systems in most countries.

More details of google sponsored fraud government employees who are faking their resume, investment available at Imitator. If you know of any intelligence or other government employee with fake resumes, investment, please send details to nkinf@hotmail.com

OBC business owners, online exporters subjected to impersonation fraud

The brahmins in India want a monopoly on the internet and IT sector and are ruthless in destroying the reputation of any other business owner, especially a OBC who builds her own business from scratch, making fake allegations without any proof at all, stealing their resume, correspondence.

The shameless fraud indian intelligence agencies like cbi, ntro,raw allegedly bribed by google, tata will make completely FAKE allegations without proof against the business owner and then falsely claim that their lazy greedy fraud relatives, friends and obc puppets like goan obc bhandari sex bribe specialist R&AW employee sunaina are associated with the business to get all these fraud women lucrative government jobs with FAKE RESUMES.

These brahmin officials and their associates are SHAMELESS WITH NO SELF RESPECT and do not care if their impersonation fraud has become the most famous online fraud in the world, they will falsely claim to own the websites. Who has stopped the lazy greedy goan gsb frauds riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, obc sex specialist sunaina from investing their own money and time to start their own business.

Why are these fraud indian government employees falsely claiming to be associated or having the resume, investment of the harmless obc single woman engineer they cheated, exploited

No action against wilful defaulters

While small borrowers who do not repay their loans on time are harassed, many of the businessmen who take large loans of hundreds of crores will intentionally default on these loans as they have sufficient political clout to ensure that their personal and professional reputation is not affected. In India ,a businessman does not become big unless he or she has the backing of the intelligence and security agencies, and once they take the decision to promote a particular individual, they will cover up all their frauds. Find more details of loan defaulters at Debt and loan guide, how tax payers pay for the lavish lifestyle of some businessmen

Payday loans news and information

With security and intelligence agencies labelling those who lead a frugal life a security threat without any proof at all, most young people prefer to lead a lavish lifestyle often spending more money than what they make. As a result they are often short funds and require a payday loan for some quick money. Payday loans news has information about the latest payday loans, offers, interest, charges

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