Business should rethink their policy regarding employees with infectious diseases dealing with customers

Many illness like cold, cough and flu are infectious and spread in the air. New types of viruses are also being developed. Most banks have airconditioning, and if any of their employees is ill, they are spreading the diseases to all the customers, who are visiting the bank branch and are forced to wait in the branch for more than 15 minutes to get the customer service they require.

In other companies, employees with infectious diseases like sore eyes, or conjuctivitis are sent home immediately by their bosses if they try to attend, so that the rest of the employees are not affected, Unlike banks, these employees are mostly not directly dealing with customers, yet the managers realize that other employees will also fall sick and to prevent large scale inconvenience, wastage of time and money, the manager will ask the person to go back home and take rest.

The domain investor has got a dry cough, which she contracted while visiting a bank branch in mumbai and is wasting a lot of money treating the illness, cough syrups and other expenses, all wasting her time changing clothes, finding and taking medicines. It is also adversely affecting her productivity. At a young age, the health problems are less, older men and women have to spend more time, money treating the illness, because the body changes over a period of time. This has been medically proved.

The bank employee, a young lady, was obviously unwell when the domain investor visited the branch on 22 January 2019 yet the bank manager did not have the sense, humanity to send her home, or give her work which did not involve interaction with customers. Additionally the family members of the customers will also fall ill, because it was a dangerous illness which is easily spread.

Banks are making thousands of rupees in profit, they should handle their ill employees better, instead of making their customers also ill, just because they are visiting the bank branch . While a cold or cough are not severe, treating them remains expensive, and the productivity of a person is adversely affected. Employees get their salaries monthly and have sick leave, self employed like the domain investor cannot afford to have their productivity affected by falling ill

The domain investor is so ill, that she can hardly do any work, yet she has no option to go outdoors, because her essential services will be affected if payment is not made unlike big companies who have alternative options.