Corrupt, greedy , selfish inhuman government officials make it difficult to operate a business

The government employees are getting a monthly salary and pension from the indian or state government, yet they are extremely selfish when they abuse their powers to make completely fake allegations without any proof at all against harmless business owners.
These selfish, greedy government officials are only looking the total revenues of Paypal account holders, they do not realize that unlike salaried government employees, the Paypal account holders have a lot of business expenses like domain name, webhosting, internet charges, computers, maintenance. Most government employees do not spend a single penny or paisa on domain names, webhosting or internet charges, and these can be more than Rs 40000 a month.
The selfish officials think that all the revenues of Paypal account holders are like a salary, when actually the business owner is not making very little money in reality. In small towns like panaji, the problem of business owners is extremely severe, as there are relatively few people living in the area, so the number of walk in customers and revenues remain low. For example a person working in a pharmacy in Goa was saying that their monthly expenses were about Rs 50000 a month, and they did not make enough to justify the monthly expenses, because of few customers in a small town, unlike large cities where there are few customers.
Government officials getting a good monthly salary should be satisfied with the money they are making, instead of further exploiting, extorting money from small business owners who are making far less than they do, despite working long hours, without any holidays

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